a simple and powerful cross-platform UML-tool that works

i tried UMLet out just now, and can’t wait to write sth about it.

it’s very simple to use, but sexy enough to give you all the common UML-drawing abilities.

this is a quick guide for you to start. And examples to learn from when you get to know it.

enjoy! :)

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like performing a surgery

sometimes, coding on legacy code is much like performing a surgery on human body, especially so when the code is around the heart.

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Random Thoughts #6 (Yet Another Tagging Method)

recently, i’ve been digging ios software crazily at bbs.weiphone.com. quite a lot, about 150+ free ones has been downloaded.

as ipod/touch has not landed at Mainland, i’m still expecting the arrival of my first ios device :) wish it can come sooner.


ok, get back to business. this thought is about a new kind of tagging method.

simple saying, it’s using people’s name on im’s buddy list as tag.

im buddy list

what’s above is a typical buddy list of IM(cited from my Alibaba Trade Manager, some part of the nick-name have been erased for privacy).

-example 1-

    suppose i want to shedule a meeting with DBA 梅, i will write the name and time under its name. next time, when i want to find meetings with 梅, i can go to 梅, and find the meeting directly.

-example 2-

    suppose i want to memo a DB’s password. really bad practice, but at least can let you know the meanning of this :)

    i can go to 赵 directly, and find out what i want. 

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Random Thoughts #5 (a little different Million Dollar Homepage)

million dollar homepage

MDH is simple and silly, but it works. as for MDH on mobile device, i have some different thoughts. have you ever listened to radio programs? most advertisers on radio will give their email or phone number in their ads. but ad’s content is not enough, people want to know more before they send out e-mail or call. we should guide listeners to web-sites to help them learn more things about the factory and the products. but how?
here is a way…you give a string of code, listeners enter that string into an app, then guided to your web-site. much like MDH or search engine, but it should work better.

ps, i think 3.x inch device is a very good advertisement platform. because of the smallness of the screen, the ad’s content can be more focused on. for example, an eye-protection ad at each end of one catoon chapter.

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Random Thoughts #4 (lyrics service)

facetime on ipod touch/iphone is stupid, if all can be done is just look at somebody’s face, talk on and on.
we should add some services to make it more interesting. the geo-service mentioned on “Random Thoughts #2″ is one thing, and here comes another.
as the title mentioned, this service is about lyrics. when you wanna sing some love songs to your girl friend, you need sound tracks as accompaniment which itune can give. and i don’t know whether itune can also give lyrics of the music. if not, maybe a standalone lyrics service can be hosted and service out.

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Random Thoughts #3 (book fliper)

夜雨孤灯乱翻书 (night raining, with a single lamp lit up, i flip my book randomly.)

i don’t know whether i’m translating this poem right or wrong, but what i want to say is flip the book is just anther way you find out knowledge.
with an e-book reader, we can search the page with the same or similar keywords, but what if we don’t remember the proper keywords? or if what we need is some pages between 30% and 35% of the book? an e-book reader can’t help you out :( and a book-fliper for e-book reader is needed.

ps, i believe that flip a book is just another way to search. as we flip a book, the page contents can quickly fly into our mind, and a decision can be made.

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Random Thoughts #2 (running ball on e-map)

well,…this thought is quite simple.

you know the balancing game on smart phone, right? you make either of the four sides up or down, and a ball will be running accordingly, much like balancing a ping-pong ball on a board.

ok, i think it will be much fun if i can put a virtual ball on a e-map(g-map for example) at some start point, and drive it to an end point like the balancing game above. the routing-path should be shown vividly, and the length should be calculated at any time.



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